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The cellist Heinrich Grünfeld recorded quite extensively in the early days of the gramophone, though it’s his pianist brother Alfred who is much better remembered. Several of his recordings can be heard on my music site.

This is as full a listing as I’ve managed so far of the recordings Heinrich Grünfeld made for the Gramophone Company. They were all recorded in Berlin, with piano accompaniment, unless otherwise noted. The recording dates are very vague, unfortunately, with at best a month, sometimes only a season, and often just the year.

Where no details are given by a matrix number, this is a number contiguous with other Grünfeld recordings for which nothing was entered in the recording ledgers or where the information is lost. Alternatively, the given matrix may have been by the artist listed at the next recording session (not included in this discography).


Matrix no. Face no.   Title (composer)           Other issue numbers, release dates etc.

Jan 1900: 7″ zinc process recordings by W Sinkler Darby

457-A       47853     Romance (A Grünfeld)
458-A       47852     La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marié)
459-A       47855     Le cygne (Saint-Saëns)                                (3/2/00)
460-A       47851     Danse montagnarde
461-A       47850     Romance sans paroles (Davidov)
462-A       47854     Vitor, Spanischer Tanz

March-May 1902: 10” recordings by W Sinkler Darby

655h       47870     Romanze Nr 1 (A Grünfeld)
656h x    47872     Romance sans paroles (Davydov)
657h       47871     Romanze Nr 2 (A Grünfeld)
658h       47873     Menuetto (Boccherini)
659h       47874     Verlassen bin i (Koschat)

First half of 1903: 10” recordings by W Sinkler Darby

1692h       47875     Xerxes: Largo (Handel)
1693h       47876     Traumerei (Schumann)

1905: 10” recordings recordings by W Sinkler Darby (issued August, 1905)

19h   47875X     Serse: Largo (Handel)        37857, 97850, ER54
20h    47876X     Kinderszenen Op 15 No 7: Traumerei (Schumann)  ER54
21h   47873X     Menuett (Boccherini)                ER52
22h   47874X     Verlassen bin i (Koschat)      ER53
23h       47877     Le cygne (Saint-Saëns)
24h       47878     Jocelyn: Berceuse (Godard)      27890, ER53
25h       47879     Idomeneo: Gavotte  (Mozart)     27891, ER52

Summer 1907: 10” recordings made by Franz Hampe

   5925l       47882     Du bist die Ruh’ (Schubert)      ER55
5926l       47883     Schlummerlied Op 124 Nr. 16 (Schumann)
5927l       47884     Konzert in A-moll Op 129: Adagio (Schumann)     ER56
5928l       47885     Herbstblume (Popper)

Spring-Summer 1915: 12” recordings made by Franz Hampe (issued on Polydor)

821m     047866     Kol nidre (Lewandowski)      65292
822m     047867     Nocturno (Chopin)      65292

894m     047874     Konzert in D Dur: Adagio (Haydn)      65569
895m     047868     Minnelied (H Grünfeld)      65293
897m     047869     Frühlingslied (Mendelssohn)      65293

907m     047875     Die Meistersinger: Walthers Preislied (Wagner)      65569

Autumn (probably September) 1915: 10” recordings made by Franz Hampe

18140l   2-47851     Verlassen bin i (Koschat)      61883
18141l   2-47852     Menuett (Boccherini)      61883

Autumn (probably October) 1915: 10” recordings made by Franz Hampe



18201l       48097     Lied ohne Worte (Mendelssohn)      61897
18202l       48098     Serenade (Moszkowski)      61897 (20/12/15)
18203l       48095     Litany (Schubert)      61896 (10/12/15)
18204l       48096     Wanderers Nachtlied (Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh’)(Rubinstein)      61896

Summer 1916: recording made by Franz Hampe

JOSEF SCHWARZ, baritone mit cellobegleitung von HEINRICH GRÜNFELD

1031m     042500     Kol nidre (Lewandowski-Rosenfeld)      72533

Autumn 1917: recording made by Franz Hampe


1148m     042530     Cantata con strumenti: Dank sei dir Herr (Handel)      72669 (15/9/19)

Possibly of related interest, a tenor called Siegmund Grünfeld recorded several items for the Artiphon record label in 1921 in Berlin:

1921.03.29      1138                Ein rheinisches Mädchen – Rheinlied (Paul Hoppe, op.39,1 / Hans W. Mertens)
1921.08.20      1234                Gute Nacht, du mein herziges Kind (Franz Abt, op.137,2 / Seyffardt)
1921.08.20      1136    Hertie 954        DIE WALKÜRE (M + W: Richard Wagner), I/3c: Liebeslied (Siegmund) “Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond”
1921.08.20      1137    Hertie 955        DIE MEISTERSINGER VON NÜRNBERG (M + W: Richard Wagner), I/3b: Erzählung (Walther) “Am stillen Herd in Winterszeit”
1921.03.22      1134                TOSCA (Giacomo Puccini / Giuseppe Giacosa, Luigi Illica), III/2: Arioso (Cavaradossi) “Und es blitzten die Sterne”
1921.08.20      1135                RIGOLETTO (Giuseppe Verdi / Francesco M. Piave), III/ 2: Canzonetta (Duca) “O wie so trügerisch”

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