Dan Godfrey

Sir Dan Godfrey (1868-1939) was part of a musical family, of which he is the best remembered. In 1893 he took up an invitation which his father could not fulfil – to form a Municipal Military Band in Bournemouth. In fairly short order, to meet his musical requirements, this became the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra. It has since gone from strength to strength, and is now known as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Dan Godfrey made his first records for HMV in August 1913 with “The Mayfair (Metropolitan) Orchestra”, then with the BMO in November 1913. Recordings followed with the “Royal Symphony Orchestra” for Edison Bell (who also recorded Godfrey’s son, Dan Godfrey Jr conducting the 2LO Military Band). In 1923 Godfrey started recording for Columbia, firstly with the London Symphony Orchestra in an abridged version of Vaughan Williams “London” Symphony, then a complete version of the same. Two further recordings were made electrically with the LSO, then in 1927 an anonymous “Symphony Orchestra”. Then from mid-1927, Godfrey brought the BMO back into the studios for a series of delightful recordings. These included many lighter works which showcase the talents of his orchestra both as players and composers. Byron Brooke was leader of the orchestra for many years, and some of his pieces display the skills of percussionists W.W. Bennett, and his predecessor W. Byrne. Ernst Slaney who is the second xylophonist on one 1930s recording was actually the principal cellist of the orchestra! The flautists of the orchestra for many years were the brothers Jean and Pierre Gennin, and Jean composed several virtuosic pieces for two flutes or two piccolos.

Gramophone Company

al 7485f0921C314Kutschke, Polka (Strasny)
al 7486f0911C309Sigurd Jorsalfar: Homage march (Grieg)
al 7487fSigurd Jorsalfar: Homage march (Grieg)
al 7488fSigurd Jorsalfar: Homage march (Grieg)
al 7489fWelsh rhapsody (German)
al 7490f0910C309Suite Algérienne: Marche (Saint-Saëns)
al 7491f0920C314Prelude in C sharp minor (Rachmaninov)


al 7629f0959C342Welsh rhapsody (German)
al 7630f0960
C342Norwegischer kunstler Carneval (Svendsen)
7631fScheherazade Op 35 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
al 7632f0957C340Henry VIII: Ballet music (Saint-Saëns)
7633fThe Wand of Youth, Suite: a) The tame bear; b) Wild bears (Elgar)
7634fNorwegian dances Op 35: Nos 2-3 (Grieg)
al 7635f0958C340Norwegian dances Op 35: Nos 2-3 (Grieg)
al 7636f0964C346La Feria, Suite espagnole (Lacôme)
al 7637f0970C352Mignon: Overture (Thomas)
al 7638fAir on the G string (Bach-Wilhelmj)
al 7639fNightingale and blackbird (Kling), piccolo duet by JEAN GENNIN & PIERRE GENNIN
al 7640f0969C352Bavarian dances Op 27 No 3 (Elgar)
al 7641f0963C346Slavonic rhapsody Op 114 (Friedmann)
ak 17164eGod of Thunder (Howgill)
ak 17165e17165e La Gioconda: Dance of the hours (Ponchielli)


matrixcataloguetitleissue date
X1302-VF 576Mignon Overture (Thomas) – Part 1April 1924
X1303-VF 576Mignon Overture (Thomas) – Part 2April 1924
X1304-1VF 566Orpheus in the Underworld Overture (Offenbach) – Part 1January 1924
X1305-2VF 566Orpheus in the Underworld Overture (Offenbach) – Part 2January 1924

Columbia Graphophone Company
London Symphony Orchestra (Petty France Studios)
24th July 1923

AX 101-1L1507A London Symphony (V-W) 1st mvt pt112/23-3/26
AX 102-2L1507A London Symphony (V-W) 1st mvt pt2 12/23-3/26
AX 103-1L1508A London Symphony (V-W) Scherzo pt112/23-3/26
AX 104-1L1508A London Symphony (V-W) Scherzo pt212/23-3/26

23rd November 1923

AX 239-2L1534The Wasps Overture (V-W) pt1NOT ISSUED
AX 240-?L1534The Wasps Overture (V-W) pt2NOT ISSUED

5th September 1924

AX 578A London Symphony (V-W)
(missing movements from 1923 recording?)
AX 579A London Symphony (V-W) unissued
AX 580A London Symphony (V-W)unissued
AX 581A London Symphony (V-W)unissued

24th April 1925

AX 1020-1L1717A London Symphony 1st mvt pt1 4/26-7/29
AX 1021-2L1717A London Symphony 1st mvt pt24/26-7/29
AX 1022-1L1718A London Symphony 1st mvt pt34/26-7/29
AX 1023-2L1718A London Symphony 1st mvt pt44/26-7/29
AX 1024-2L1721A London Symphony 4th mvt pt14/26-7/29
AX 1025-1L1722A London Symphony 4th mvt pt24/26-7/29
AX 1026-1L1722A London Symphony 4th mvt pt34/26-7/29
AX 1027-2L1719A London Symphony 2nd mvt pt14/26-7/29

1st May 1925

AX 1029-2L1719A London Symphony 2nd mvt pt24/26-7/29
AX 1030-2L1720A London Symphony 2nd mvt pt34/26-7/29
AX 1031-2L1720A London Symphony 3rd mvt pt14/26-7/29
AX 1032-2L1721A London Symphony 3rd mvt pt24/26-7/29

12th March 1926

WAX 1340-2L1830Slavonic Dances No.1 (Dvorak)3/27-1/39
WAX 1341-2L1830Slavonic Dances No.2 (Dvorak)3/27-1/39
WAX 1342-2L1831Slavonic Dances No.3 (Dvorak)3/27-1/39
WAX 1343-2L1831Slavonic Dances No.4 (Dvorak)3/27-1/39
WAX 1344-1L1786Petite Suite – En Bateau (Debussy) 11/26-5/38
WAX 1345-2L1786Petite Suite – Cortège (Debussy)11/26-5/38
WAX 1346-1L1787Petite Suite – Menuet (Debussy)11/26-5/38
WAX 1347-1L1787Petite Suite – Ballet (Debussy)11/26-5/38

Symphony Orchestra (Scala Theatre, London)
4th February 1927

WRAX 2432-2L1938Symphony No.41 1st mvt pt1 (Mozart)                   11/27-4/34
WRAX 2433-1L1938Symphony No.41 1st mvt pt2 (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2434-2L1939Symphony No.41 1st mvt pt3 (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2435-2L1939Symphony No.41 2nd mvt pt1 (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2436-2L1940Symphony No.41 2nd mvt pt2 (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2437-2L1940Symphony No.41 3rd mvt  (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2438-2L1941Symphony No.41 4th mvt pt1 (Mozart)11/27-4/34
WRAX 2439-2L1941Symphony No.41 4th mvt pt2 (Mozart)11/27-4/34

2nd March 1927 Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra and 4000 Voices (with soloists) – Daily Express Community Singing, Bournemouth, with Harold Williams, baritone

WA 4979-1G8836Land of Hope and Glory6/27-2/46

16th March 1927 Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra? Community chorus with Kenneth Walters, baritone

WA 5093-1G8836God bless the Prince of Wales6/27-2/46

Symphony Orchestra (Scala Theatre, London)
23rd March 1927

WAX 2522-1L2003Kaiser March (Wagner ) pt11/28-4/33
WAX 2523-1L2003Kaiser March (Wagner ) pt21/28-4/33
WAX 2524-1L2002Homage March (Wagner) pt11/28-4/33
WAX 2525-1L2002Homage March (Wagner) pt21/28-4/33

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
8th May 1927

WRAX 2696-19279Gee Whizz (Brooke) WW Bennett2/28-1/38
WRAX 2697-19279Rippling Streams (Gennin) J&P Gennin2/28-1/38
WRAX 2699-19505Dance of Seville (Grunow) Bennett11.5/28-2/45

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
29th April 1928

WAX 3566-29582Zampa Overture (Herold) – Pt.11.5/29-2/48
WAX 3567-19582Zampa Overture (Herold) – Pt.21.5/29-2/48
WAX 3568unissued Tally ho!
WRAX 3569-19505The Two Imps (Alford) Byrne/Bennett11.5/28-2.45
WRAX 3570-39471Fluttering Birds (Gennin) J&P Gennin10.5/28-1/38
WRAX 3571-39471Idylle Bretonne (Gennin) J&P Gennin10.5/28-1/38
WAX 3572-29496Pique Dame Overture (Suppe) – Pt.111/28-2/45
WAX 35739496Pique Dame Overture (Suppe) – Pt.211/28-2/45

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
16th December 1928

WA 8231-2G9266Valse Triste (Sibelius)4/29-8/32
WA 8232-15683Zip Zip (Brooke) Bennett, marimba2/30-
WA 8233-25683Whispering Pines (Byrne) Byrne, xyl2/30-
WA 8234-2G9266Praeludium (Jarnefelt)4/29-8/32
WA 8235-25577Henry VIII Dances (German) Shep2, Torch11/29-
WA 8236-25577Henry VIII Dances (German) Morris, Shep111/29-

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
17th December 1928

WAX 4470-3G1056Don Giovanni selection 1: For a carousel; Entrance of the statue; Zerlina’s Entrance; Masetto; Give me thy hand2/29-3/41
WAX 4471-29821Echoes of the Valley (Gennin) J&P Gennin (fl)8/29-1/38
WAX 4472-2G1056Don Giovanni selection 2: Serenade; Finale Act 12/29-3/41
WAX 4473-29821Merry Brothers (Gennin) J&P Gennin (picc)8/29-1/38

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
8th October 1929

WA 9655-2G9422Don Giovanni Act 1 Minuet12/29-8/32
WA 9654-2G9422Marriage of Figaro – Fandango12/29-8/32

Bournemouth Muncipal Orchestra (Pavilion, Bournemouth)

WAX 556329th April 1930DX 77Crown Diamonds Overture (Auber) pt 1
WAX 556429th April 1930DX 77Crown Diamonds Overture (Auber) pt 2
WAX 556529th April 1930DX 69Bronze Horse Overture (Auber) pt 1
WAX 556630th April 1930DX 69Bronze Horse Overture (Auber) pt 2
WAX 55693rd May 1930unissuedThe lost chord (Sullivan)
WAX 55703rd May 1930unissuedHoly City (Adams)
WA 103331930DB 178 /30 Jolly Whistlers (Gennin)
WA 103341930DB 178Language of the Nightingale (Gennin)
WA 103351930DB 261Pizzicato Pierrette (Gennin)
WA 103361930DB 261Valse des Mascottes (Gennin)
WAX 60864th May 1931DX 326Stradella Overture (Flotow) pt 1
WAX 60874th May 1931DX 326Stradella Overture (Flotow) pt 2
WA 115591931DB 537A Sierra Melody (C White)
WA 115601931DB 689A Fairy Ballet (C White)
WA 115611931DB 689Raindrops – Pizzicato (T de la Riviere)
WA 115621931DB 810Traumerei (Schumann arr Urich)
WA 115631931DB 537Slippery Sticks (Byron Brooke)
WA 115641931DB 810Solveig’s Song (Grieg)
WA 126771932DB 905Nell Gwyn Dances (German) 1. Country Dance
WA 126781932DB 905Nell Gwyn Dances (German) 2. Pastoral Dance
WA 126791932DB 906Nell Gwyn Dances (German) 3. Merrymakers’ Dance
WA 126801932DB 906Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky arr Stewart)
WA 12682?1932DB 854Dicky Bird Hop (Gourley arr Storm)
WA 12682?1932DB 854Rosewood Ripples (W Byrne)
CAX 71161933?DX 593Orpheus in the Underworld Overture (Offenbach) pt 1
CAX 71171933?DX 593Orpheus in the Underworld Overture (Offenbach) pt 2
CAX 768721st March 1933DX 651Petite Suite de Concert (Coleridge-Taylor) 1 Caprice de Nanette
CAX 768821st March 1933DX 651Petite Suite de Concert (Coleridge-Taylor) 2. Demande et Reponse
CAX 768921st March 1933DX 652Petite Suite de Concert (Coleridge-Taylor) 3. Un Sonnet d’Amour
CAX 769021st March 1933DX 652Petite Suite de Concert (Coleridge-Taylor) 4. Tarantelle Fretillante
WA 135161933DB 1388Carlsbad Doll Dance (L Pleier)
WA 135171933DB 1110Clatter of the Clogs (Flynn arr Blight)
WA 135181933DB 1388Oriental Dance (C White)
WA 135191933DB 1110Dance of the Nymphs (M Birch)
CA 144091933DB 1432Merry Middles (Byron Brooke)
CA 144421933DB 1432Dance of the Merry Mascottes (Ketelbey)
CA 146121933DB 1531Crocus Time – Serenade (T de la Riviere)
CA 146131933DB 1531Intermezzo – Pizzicato (M Birch) (cond Birch)
CAX 723022nd July 1934DX 620Le Prophete – Coronation Marche (Meyerbeer)
CAX 723122nd July 1934DX 620Largo (Handel)

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